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Join a passionate community of coaches who develop leaders in forward-thinking organizations using a revolutionary outcome-based model.

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Why Coach with NWORX?

  • NWORX brings coaching to managers & leaders on all levels and in all sizes of organizations
  • Drive meaningful change in Leaders’ growth and development that's sustainable
  • Highly engaged leaders, journey supported by anytime, anywhere resources on NWORX app
  • Supported by experienced journey partners who remove the overhead and allow you to focus on what you do best
  • Coaches work 100% remotely  
  • You decide the selection of hours and the level you want to coach, allowing for a portfolio of interesting work
  • Build relationships with other professionals who have a shared passion for excellence
  • Coaching labs, peer coaching, and ongoing client feedback provide a constant flow of learning opportunities
  • Exclusive referral program for coaches to grow their revenue

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NWORX encourages leadership performance

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Coach Testimonials

Imagine as a coach you are able to share concepts/frameworks with the Leader participants that are relevant to their business context, help them create actions they need to take, support in their skilling at their own time and track their progress all in one place. That would be fascinating, isn’t it?
As a coach I am able to do that and more with NWORX. I find NWORX app very powerful in supporting me with the right plan and tools for my Leader participants, while I keep the conversations focused on dealing with their mindsets and challenges. It is a great platform for leaders to plan their journeys, learn skills and reflect on their actions. NWORX hyper personalizes leadership development journeys and I highly recommend this for coaches who want to create value and make an impact in business organizations

Chandrika Nayak - NWORX coach

NWORX offers a compelling option for leader participants to continue learning in the flow of work. Being a veritable extension of the coach, NWORX gives the coach an opportunity to virtually engage with the leader participant, by providing resources and nudges that are most appropriate for the leader participants’ context. The coach can gain insights into leader participants’ progress, suggest course corrections and additional actions, all using a very intuitive app, without having to wait for leader participants to schedule their next coaching session. NWORX helps make coaching conversations more productive, as the coach is already aware of what leader participants are doing. NWORX encourages reflection on the leader actions performed by leader participants, thereby giving leaders a great opportunity to build on their learnings and imbibe a coaching mindset, even when the coach is not around. Truly, NWORX is shaping the future of the coaching!

NandaKishore - NWORX coach

NWORX provides a framework for leaders to give structure to their aspired leadership identity or chosen coaching development goals through the NWORX suggested milestones. These milestones derived from extensive leadership development research provide directional support, tangible actions and enable a coach to maintain progress and momentum in their leader participant’s coaching journey. NWORX’s easy-to-access phone app enables a leader to learn a new concept, practice their conceptual knowledge on an interactive case study or apply it while preparing for an upcoming cognitive or conversation action. The NWORX coach console shares with me, real-time information on reflections and preparation rituals my leader participants perform and choose to share with me. This supports me to prepare, optimize time, and enhance the potency of a coaching conversation.

Soumiya Tewari