Client Engagement Manager (B2B SaaS)

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The Client Engagement Manager at NWORX is accountable for end-user engagement and management of client expectations to drive satisfaction. This requires the individual to have:

  • Strong analytical thinking abilities to analyse requirements and drive data drive decision making for user engagement and value.
  • Excellent inter-personal skills with the ability to influence internal and external stakeholders to drive value for the end-user.
  • Ability to organize work, to be able to plan, coordinate, anticipate and mitigate risks in the program implementation (project management).

The responsibilities of the NWORX Client Engagement Manager are:

  • Analyze User Engagement metrics and provide direction for enhancing user engagement.
  • Manage Partners and their engagement with NWORX
  • Play an advisory role to the product development & marketing team based on what they learn from the client  
  • Stakeholder management with client and internal management
  • Analyze value metrics for end-users and drive value management
  • Evaluate & forecast client needs  
  • Facilitate orientation sessions for leader participants, coaches, mentors & facilitators
  • Provide inputs to configure NWORX for the client requirement
  • Provide utmost attention to security and compliance requirements

Performance Measurement Criteria

  • User Engagement and retention on the NWORX platform
  • Renewal of NWORX by the Client
  • Customer and Partner satisfaction score

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